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Plymouth Christian High School

Grades 7-12
Administrator: James Bazen
965 Plymouth NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49505
Phone: (616) 454-9481
Fax: (616) 454-7243

Biblical Focus — PCH is a Scripturally based choice!

Plymouth Christian Schools Association is an independent, private school, providing educational programs for students in grades pre-kindergarten through grade twelve. We strive to place God and His infallible Word (Authorized King James version) at the center of all subjects studied, instruction given, and policies followed. We aim to provide Christian education presented from a Reformed worldview in accordance with our Doctrinal Standards: the Heidelberg Catechism, the Belgic Confession of Faith, and the Canons of Dordt. We seek to incorporate these Christian principles in daily classroom devotions and instruction, frequent chapels, personal attention in small classroom settings, and while giving assistance to students with special needs or handicaps.

Classroom Instruction — PCH is a stimulating choice for a sound education!

  1. Accreditation: PCS has been an accredited school of Christian Schools International since 2002. The accreditation process helps focus yearly goals to continually seek improvement of all aspects of PCS education.
  2. Student Ratio and class size : In grades 7 – 12, the average teacher to student ratio is 1 to 20. The class sizes can range from 7 to 34.
  3. Curriculum: See separate listing of high school courses.
  4. Facility : PCH is a school for grades 7 – 12. The building consists of 8 regular classrooms, 1 science laboratory, a large and small computer lab, a Wood/Metal Technology area, a library, a gymnasium with kitchen, and an additional kitchen for home economics. During the summer of 2005, our building committee completed a large renovation project. The project included the remodel of three classrooms – making them more conducive to learning. The project also included an east elevation face-lift that is more energy efficient. The project was completed significantly under projected cost.
  5. Wood and metal technology class teachers provide hands-on applied learning. Many heirloom-type projects are built in these classes. Students have the option to enter their projects into state competitions. Over the past years, PCS students have regularly placed in the top 6 of each category that is entered.
  6. Teachers take extra time to find and prepare for wonderful, educational field trips. Some of these trips are yearly events, others occur as opportunities arise. Grade 7 – 12 students attend field trips that are specific to certain courses. Some of the traditional trips include:
    1. Chemistry (GVSU Boat Trip/Water Treatment Plant)
    2. English classes (GRPublic and Calvin College Libraries)
    3. PE (Track, Golf Driving Range, Bowling)
    4. Spanish (Mexican/Spanish Restaurant)
    5. Many trips occur just once as traveling exhibits are in our area (Abraham Lincoln exhibit at the Gerald R. Ford Museum, Petra exhibit at Calvin College).
  7. PCH offers 6 years of science to students in grades 9-12 (Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy/Physiology, Environmental Chemistry, Astronomy).
  8. PCH offers 5 years of English to students in grades 9-12 (English 9, English Composition/Classic Literature, American Literature/Speech, British Literature/AP English, World Literature/Senior English, Journalism).
  9. The Architectural Drawing class not only draws construction plans, but also visits building sites to observe the building process and to gain a practical understanding of building. By the completion of the course, the students can draw with and are also proficient in CAD.
  10. PCH Science classes do many indoor and outdoor hands-on labs, such as: tree identification, model glaciers, weed and plant identification, micro habitats, arthropods, modeling of the earth (crust, mantle, etc.), weather observation, speed of sound, circular motion (playground), calculating gravity, balloon launch/projectile motion, and constant acceleration lab.
  11. Physical Education has a golf outing, bowling outing, and a track and field outing in additional to comprehensive instruction at school. Students also complete exercise and nutrition projects.
  12. The PCS yearbook team creates an awesome summary of the school events and school community.
  13. PCH music classes offer enjoyable evenings of music three times each year for the school community. In addition, music is also provided during some assembly or chapel times.
  14. Kent Career/Technical Center welcomes PCH students into their courses providing an additional training opportunity for PCS students.
  15. Art classes present instruction in a creative area of students’ lives.
  16. PCH college-bound students academically transition well to college.
  17. PCH offers AP English as an opportunity for students to earn college credit in English while still in high school.
  18. Students entering the work force have been complimented on their work ethic and attitude.

Service — PCH is a challenging choice for serving others!

In addition to personal service projects of each student, school sponsored service projects are included at all levels.

  1. The Anatomy/Physiology class organizes annual blood drives.
  2. 12 th grade students set up for the Mel Trotter Thanksgiving meal.
  3. 7 – 12 th grade students provide Thanksgiving meals to over 50 families each year.
  4. Students raise money for a variety of local, national, and international needs such as hurricane, tsunami, and earthquake victims, diabetes and cancer research, and mission support.
  5. Grade 7 – 12 students Christmas Carol for local retirement and veteran centers.

School Community — PCH is an excellent choice for a caring community!

  1. The majority of parents are very involved in PTA/Conferences on a regular basis.
  2. Parents are supportive of the school financially, with their time at school events and of school policies.
  3. Students often spend time with each other outside of the school day (snowboarding, skiing, camping, service events).
  4. PCH encourages a close/supportive circle of church/home/school.
  5. Dedicated/hard working staff welcome parental input and suggestions.
  6. PCH has a great secretary, librarian, computer technician and maintenance man – all ready to help you!
  7. PCS has an enjoyable annual auction. The school community joins to watch, participate, and raise thousands of dollars to provide for our school needs.
  8. During the annual PCH Career Week, over 60 volunteers visit with students each year to share their vocations and help students learn more about the wide variety of options available to them.

Extras — PCH is a great choice for enjoyable activities!

  1. Science Olympiad provides a means for students to extend their science learning beyond the classroom.  Parents and graduates come in from November-April to assist students in preparing for the Science Olympiad competition.  PCH has gone to the state competition for 10 years in a row and three times to the national competition because of parent/teacher support and students’ hard work. This is a remarkable achievement considering that PCH is a small class D school competing with all size schools, even large class A schools.
  2. PCH has an active student council
    1. Helps with upkeep, built a courtyard – summer 2003
    2. Oversees committees in the areas of: school service, missions, student social, student mentors, vending machines.
  3. PCH offers educational whole grade trips that also promote bonding time for students:
    1. Grade 7 – Ecology trip including one night of camping
    2. Grade 8 – Lansing study of Michigan government
    3. Grade 9 – Chicago to visit Aquarium and Museum of Science and Industry
    4. Grade 10 – Creation museum to better understand the creation/evolution debate
    5. Grade 12 – Washington D.C. to visit government sites.
  4. PCH teachers don their gym shoes and challenge one grade of students usually once a week in the areas of football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and softball.
  5. The junior high gathers after school twice a month for a gym/outdoor-sporting event.
  6. PCH has an extensive intramural program in which anyone who wants to join in a certain sport may play – not restricted to “if you make the team.” An Intramural Committee creates teams and posts a schedule of games for break times. (We have chosen to avoid organized interscholastic sports.)
  7. “Spring Fling” occurs every year just before Spring Vacation. Students enjoy unique fun-filled activities and friendly competition between grade levels.
  8. The Student Social Committee recognizes birthdays and provides candy-grams and thank-you grams.
  9. PCH often coordinates with private organizations to offer sessions I and II of Driver Education courses on site.
  10. The staff organizes many practical assemblies. Some examples of past assemblies include:
    1. Michigan Water Safety
    2. Health Topics (Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking, Leukemia)
    3. Career Week
    4. Veterans’ Day
    5. Internet Safety

Food — PCH is a tasty choice for delicious edibles!

  1. Parent volunteers provide awesome hot lunches two Fridays per month – family style – large portions!
  2. Student Council provides pizza on the Fridays when the hot lunch program is not offered.
  3. Snacks, pop, and juice are available during breaks.
  4. Eleventh grade students sell doughnuts every Tuesday during the morning break.

For More Information

To receive more information, an application for admission, or to schedule a visit, please contact:
Plymouth Christian High School
965 Plymouth Ave NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49505

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