Plymouth Christian Schools Foundation

“Gifts that keep on giving for our children’s Christian education”


What is the Plymouth Christian Schools Foundation?
The Plymouth Christian Schools Foundation is an independent non-profit corporation, which was formed in December 1995. It is managed by an eight-member Board of Directors. All of the Directors are volunteers and are not paid for their services. The Foundation encourages thoughtful, generous support for Christian education and contributes annually to the Plymouth Christian Schools.

Why is this Foundation necessary?
Since tuition rates continue to increase, the cost of tuition is becoming a significant financial burden for our families and churches. The time is approaching, when a Christian education will not be affordable by the average family. Therefore, the Foundation was developed to reduce the Schools’ dependency on tuition as the primary source of revenue. The Foundation provides us with a means to encourage, receive, and manage gifts for the long- term benefit of the Schools. Gifts donated to the Foundation are invested with the primary emphasis on preservation of principal; only the income received from these investments is contributed annually to the Schools.

Why is the Foundation independent of the Schools?
Based upon past experience, there is much pressure for school boards to be short-term focused and to direct most of their efforts toward maintaining current tuition rates at the lowest possible level for the next budget year. In contrast, the Foundation has a long-term objective and is focused on growing the tuition assistance for years to come. Donors with this same objective have found the Foundation is best suited to guard against the possibility that part of the principal is used to fund current operations. An independent foundation eliminates this potential problem and provides the future orientation necessary to achieve the long-range goal of tuition reduction.

How does the Foundation expect to raise its funds?
It is not the intent of the Directors to compete with the Schools for regular donations. Instead, the Foundation’s primary source for funds will come from special or planned gifts, such as:

  1. A bequest through wills or trusts.
  2. Gifts of  stocks, bonds, or mutual funds.
  3. Memorials of friends or loved ones.
  4. Gifts of homes, real estate, or other tangible property.
  5. Gift annuities or revocable gift agreements.

Most, if not all, of these gifts will provide the donor with a tax benefit.

Can an individual make a donation to a particular program or project?
Yes, there are many options to suit your particular situation. The Directors will work with the donor to design an individualized plan for giving in an effort to accommodate the donor’s particular desires.

What if I have any questions or need additional information?
All your questions are important to us and will be kept confidential. If you have any questions or desire more information, please contact us, call one of the Directors listed to the right, or write us at:

Plymouth Christian Schools Foundation
P.O. Box 150032
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49515-0032